Monday, August 3, 2009

The new office

One of my favorite bike's is this '67 Mercian 'King of Mercia' which I have been using to get to the office since the weather has cleared, karrimore bag is essential for a work bike, well for me anyhow as I always seem to have lots of stuff to take here and there.

Hard at work.........

The New Office
Kindly donated by the Hawkes Bay Buddhists (thanks guys)
Yes as you can see, I have this great office in Napier now, so I can try and actually get some writing done on the"Wolves of the road" book. One of the best things about it is that it's about 25km's from home here in Flaxmere, so I can get a nice ride to and from there to here,or here to there or something like that.
I was also looking for a reason to make a new bike up (everyone needs a office bike of course) so I set set up a 1954 Hobbs into a single speed traffic beater for a bit of about town fun and op

The work bike, 1954 Hobb's, it originally had a Sturmey Archer ASC fixed hub, but I have loaned that to a friend for a while, so set it up as a single fixed for now, quite a cool looking bike & good fun too.
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I am working on the 1960 Dulux tour year at the moment, trying to piece together all the action and excitement, seems to be coming along pretty good so far.

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