Thursday, October 31, 2013


Pete Matthews 1978

 Alf Engers Shorter 1978

I know I have posted this cover before
  but what the hell, it is a classic.

Monday, October 21, 2013


I just picked up this 1964 (I think)
Cinelli Corsa, although it looks pretty
rough, I think it will come up nice with 
a bit of TLC.
There are of course a couple of issues
that need to be sorted before painting,
the main one being an incorrect
R/H rear drop out, which will have to 
be replaced.
 The offending drop out.
Early Record derailleur is a bonus.

Cino Cinelli himself
There is a very good short history of Cinelli
on the Italian Cycling Journal blog
 Classic Cinelli seat cluster
 The flat fork crown, distinguishing this frame
from the Super Corsa
Cino's brother Giotto Cinelli
who actually started the business.
You can see the Cinelli team in 
the photo below circa 1949
have G Cinelli on their jerseys.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Here is a extremely nice late model
Falcon Professional.
It was apparently owned by the
great English Pro rider Sid Barris
(Super Sid), although I have yet to confirm this.

I can't find 
a lot of of information on this later
model Professional.
What I can say is this is really a
 beautifully built frame set,which has obviously
had a lot of time lavished on it's build.

Mid 80's Falcon/Campagnolo/Cinelli Team Jersey, 
I would imagine that this would be
 probably one of the last Falcon team
jersey designs, after a long and distinguished
history in the British Pro scene, which began in 1959.
A Cinelli B/B shell, something you won't find
on to many Falcons, notice the Cinelli logo
on the arm of the Team Jersey.

The Best of British.....
Luckily for me, bikes like these are still
very cheap compared to their Italian

 Falcon Team 1970
 Falcon Team 1973

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Well after getting the Peugeot all 
up and running with Simplex 410
running gear, and being mightily impressed
at its ease of set up and operation.
I had to try out a set of the Simplex
flagship range, Super LJ.
After trawling Ebay for way to long
I finally got a set at a very reasonable price
As you can see,they are really beautifully finished.
Strange that you don't really see this stuff in New Zealand, 
as it was pretty competitively priced at the time.
Eddie following Bernard Thevenet
during the TDF.
Bernard won the Tour in 1977 for
Peugeot, with an all French
group set, including the
Simplex SLJ, although his was
the gold version.

So pretty....

Friday, October 4, 2013


Well I finally tracked down a Tino Tabak
Ti Raleigh trade card for the collection.
So I thought I might as well put them all
 up here.
It's taken a little while to get this lot
together I can tell you!

Thursday, October 3, 2013


OK, for all you Mitchell fans, 
here is another installment 
on New Plymouths great
 Mitchell Cycles

First up is my new Mitchell on its
way to a fresh blue paint job, and a general revamp.
 Frame has been stripped, inside tubes have all had a good dose of
fish oil, a coat of etch primer and couple of goings over with spot putty.
tomorrow it will get a coat of general purpose primer.
 Drop outs show almost no signs of wear, I guess
this one didn't see much action in it's day.

Next Mitchell up.
This one is one of what seems to be the ubiquitous Mitchells,
the classic Ishiwata 022 frame set with sun tour drop outs.

 Notice no frame numbers on the B/B, I haven't noticed
any numbers either here or on fork tube or rear drop outs
of any of the Mitchells I have had anything to do with....
Maybe none of the Mitchells had frame numbers?

Last up is Flying blog reader Julian's
 Ishiwata 022 Mitchell.
Julian kindly sent in these photos of 
his machine after reading the last post about
Mitchell, including a short history.