Saturday, January 31, 2015


I am pretty excited about having just picking up this 
 early/mid seventies(?) Masi track bike.
I have been spending a bit of time on Bob Hovey's
excellent Masi site so am pretty sure I have got
the date approximately in the ball park.
All the information below was gleaned from
Bob's site, so check it out if Masi's are
your bag.

Bike is about to undergo full restoration.

Super tight clearance, maybe a pursuit frame?
I love that window cut out on the fork crown.
 The fluted seat stays where apparently made by relieving
the angle cut end with a curved file, and then brazing in
a piece of tube.
Long seat tube tang one of Faliero Masi's trade marks.

As is the filled seat lug ears.
Head badge obviously needs repaint, I am quite 
looking forward to this, the last one I did on the 
Cinelli came out pretty nice I thought.
I can already feel the ghosts of cycling lore
swirling around this frame, so am looking forward to 
making them happy by lovingly restoring this wonderful
frame set back to it's original glory.