Saturday, June 18, 2016

Superbe E G Bates

Here we have a beautifully preserved late 
1970's E G Bates, which was built for mainly
TT work, but would also double for general
road work.
EG Bates was a shop run by Eddie Bates, brother of
Horace T Bates, famous for the classic cantiflex frame,
Eddie was a partner with his brother in the original Bates 
until 1947, when he decided to split from Bates 
and start E G Bates.
Eddie soon built a reputation for well built machines, 
that were always to a very high standard. 
After thoroughly stripping and reassembling this 
machine I can attest to it's high build quality.
More history here at Classic Lightweights.
One of the things that I really like about this bike, 
is it's nice mix of well thought out components.
Campagnolo Head set, Bottom Bracket, Seat pin 
and Hubs, Brooks Professional saddle.
First generation (1977) Suntour Superbe derailleurs, 
shifters and brakes set and
Sugino Super Mighty Chainset. 
 Sun Tour RD 2100 R/D
Sun Tour FD 1500 F/D
Sun Tour 4700 brake levers and calipers bear 
striking similarities to Campagnolo brakes of 
the period.
Super Mighty crank set, with steel dust covers.
 Japanese 1977 Suntour Superbe catalogue
Sun Tour Superbe decals, proudly displayed beneath 
the Reynolds DB 531 decals (of course).
One of my favorite seat clusters, for me so British.

A very well preserved piece of  boutique English 
frame building, with a classic period group set 
still fully intact, right down to
the cloth bar tape and brakes hoods.
It doesn't get much better.

E G bates son managing the Barking Road, Plaistow, London
Shop in 1981, E G Bates was still building the frames out the back.