Thursday, August 6, 2009

1951 Comet Road/track bike

Jack Wade on a machine with similar frame angles to that of the featured Comet. Photographed at about the same period that this Comet is from, maybe slightly earlier, notice the rather straight front fork bend, adding to the short wheel base (for the period) of these bikes.

Check out the tight frame geometry, unlike any other Comet from this period that I have seen.
It could have been especially ordered with these angles, I have heard that a couple of Auckland coaches were experimenting with the then radical (in New Zealand) frame angles at this time and were having them built by Slater Hayes at Comet Cycles.
I am sure this bike was used for the dual roles of both road and track which was the norm rather than the exception at this time, which makes the angles seem all the more impressive, as it would have made this machine a real hand full at speed on the really rugged New Zealand roads of the time.
Note the Durax cranks, Simplex chainwheels and Simplex rod front derailleur, a classic early 1950's combination.

Comet downtube decal still quite visible, Constrictor 27" alloy rims and Cyclo shifter.
A nice touch is the off set (to the left) pump pegs.

Classic Slater Hayes seat wrap style, refer to other Comets on this blog and you will see the obvious similarities.

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