Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Legnano Pista

Here is a nice early 1960's Legnano pista.
This frame set was in pretty poor shape when we 
found it. It's last use had been as a 
single speed TT mount, hense the brake 
hole in the front forks.
 I first had the frame rechromed at Kustom Chrome in 
Gisbourne, an excellent job a usual..thanks guys.
Trust me, chrome didn't look like this a couple of months ago!
I made my own stencil's for the Legnano down tube script, and
am very glad I did, the decals just don't cut it.
 So after plenty of time preping and painting etc, I was 
rewarded finally with a very pretty Legnano Pista.

Ercole Baldini on the Vigorelli velodrome.

Certainly a race pedigree second to none.
It was a real pleasure to bring this frame back 
to life, it is now a real thing of beauty.