Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Tarini Track Bike

 Tarini is not a name in cycling (in NZ)
that would usually get any enthusiast or
collector too worked up, they are known for their 
range of pretty mundane late 1980'early 90's 
entry level road bikes, I know I haven't
ever aspired to have one in my collection...
..until I saw this frame for sale recently.
it was being advertised along with another three track bikes, 
 which had gathered a lot of interest, but I kept going
back to the unlovedTarini frame, here is the original photo
 from the listing.
There was something very serious about this bike.

Anyway I got it real cheap, as I said Tarini just don't 
get the local bike guys going.
It duly arrived, and straight away I knew I had made
the right decision, although sparse in detail, it was 
very nicely built and once stripped, cleaned and 
reassembled, and set up.. looked like it meant business.
Nice clean Tange fork crown detail. 

So cut to a few days later, I am at my local bike shop
The Hub, and mention the Tarini to the owner Rob, who tells
me you could order a custom built Tarini back in the day, and
in fact he had had one built for his son's first road bike.
 Tange 2 tube set, about the same gauge as Columbus SL
 Pretty tight clearance.

But here is where the story gets real interesting, it also
turns out that the main frame builder at Tarini was 
none other than Mark Mcclean, the same Mcclean
who built one of my favorite NZ race bikes..
So now I am doubly pleased I took the punt on
this Tarini, and also put another piece of the
NZ frame building history jigsaw together. 

Strangely enough I brought this pretty ugly jersey
a couple of years back, I didn't really want to, but thought
at the time that maybe it would have some sort of 
NZ cycling historical significance in the future...turns out it has.



  1. This looks like one of a batch of Japanese track frames that Cycle Manufacturing Co, aka Tarini, imported in the late 80s.
    Does the bottom bracket have an NJS approval logo?

  2. Hi David, just checked and sadly no NJS logo's I could find...too bad, it would have been pretty cool to have a NJS approved NZ built frame.