Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Comet get's winterized

I have a little office in Napier now, so needed a bike to do the 50km round trip, I started doing it on my Bosomworth, but decided I would rather do it on something older, enter the Comet.
In true 1950's British club style, I have given the Comet a bit of a going over.
I had a nice set of Bluemels Continentals hung up in corner of the garage, they were a little worse for wear, but a couple of evenings with 00 wire wool and Mother's polish got them presentable again.
Getting the clearance right took almost as much time!
Front and rear battery lights.
Karriemore rear bag, FM 4speed Sturmey Archer.

All I need now are some +4's that fit.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gordon Dally's Dulux Six Day Race tool box

I tracked down former Dulux six day race mechanic Gordon Dally(about 1967-76) up in the Bay of Islands about three months ago. After chatting on the phone for a while about his memory's of the race and riders, he mentioned that he still had his original tool kit!

I told him about my Book project and exhibit of cycle racing memorabilia that I display at various Museums and events, and he kindly donated this very cool tool kit.
So I jumped into the car and drove the nine hour drive up to his place the next week.
As can be seen in the first photo, Gordon made this ingenious wheel truing stand that bolts to the top of the tool box when needed.

As I was about to leave Gordon's after a nice cuppa and cake, Gordon ask's me to hang on a minute and came back with his Dulux Race Mechanic's track suit, which was made especially for him by Bob Pratt at Pex sports wear, who were making all the Dulux cycle jerseys at the time.
I was more than happy, with this jacket I could now make a really engaging exhibit, all I need to find now is a photo of him on the race.
This should look really good in Wolves of the road book as well

I will bring this over to the Taupo Challage in November this year if I end up putting the exhibit on there again.

Detail of track suit front patch