Friday, September 26, 2014


Here is a Ti Raleigh Track bike I 
restored a little while back, but never 
got around to getting any photos of the 
finished machine.

I stripped this one by hand, 
it had a beautiful build quality, 
as you would expect from a SB frame set.

A lovely seat cluster, I have to admit this is one of 
the first places I look when assessing a frame.

I have painted a few Ti Raleigh's over the years
and have always used the one piece down tube
decal available from most suppliers.
This time I decided to paint the yellow and 
black, as was done originally.
I am happy that I did, it just feels better.
 Photographed outside it's new owners house.
I really enjoyed restoring this one.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


I Have just finished restoring this early Seventies Holdsworth Italia frame set, I was going to keep it, but other projects demand funds, so it is now for sale.
I am pretty sure after reading the famous Holdsworth website 
that this frame-set is most probably 
the work of either Reg Collard or Tommy Quick, although I can't verify this.
Any way it is a absolutely beautiful slice of steel, and I will be real sad to see it go.
But I have got a cool new project to keep my spirits up...
a Seventies Shorter TT frame set, will post photos soon. 
Frame stripped and ready for some light body work.
Overall the frame was in excellent shape.
You can see by the condition of the drop outs that this
machine has seen very little action in it's life.

After many hours the frame is painted and ready to roll once more.
This is really a very nice frame set, and I'm not just saying that 
because of my well known soft for British race bikes.....