Friday, August 21, 2009


My new love, bike love that is, ( that's not as weird as it sounds, I think?),is this very early sixty's Bertin Track machine.
531 tubing of course, paint in pretty good order, with some beautifully fine and elegant pin stripping, chrome is a bit on the tatty side, as is the way with French chrome, thin and shitty.
Airlite hubs, Wobler Sprint rims (nice), Stronglight Competition headset, Cinelli stem, unamed bars, Nervex Professional lugs etc...

This is my favorite part of the bike, the TA cottered aluminum cranks, I really dig cottered racing cranks, but of course am always looking to lose weight on the vintage bikes that I ride regularly. So these will really help in that department ( as anyone who has felt the weight of a steel double chainset will attest ).
These are the ultimate expression of cottered chainsets, and really bridge the gap between what I consider vintage and classic bikes, that cross over being somewhere in the late 1950's and early sixty's, (according to me anyhow).

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