Wednesday, May 27, 2015

1930's Fleet Special

This New Plymouth built Fleet Special, had
a very hard life as a track racer on the Western Springs
Speedway track. 
Apparently they would have some bike racing  on 
the track before the cars ripped up the track.
The frame was pretty battered and bruised, with many dents 
and repairs showing up once the paint was removed.
After many hours filling and sanding, the mighty
Fleet Special is once again ready for action.
The Fleet Special has a strong historical link in
it's home town of New Plymouth, with many local
riders riding them to victory in the classic
Round the Mountain race.

 This one is off back to New Plymouth
were it is going on display, and into a 
much deserved retirement.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Here is a lovey little 1960's(?)
Dutch RIH Sport track frame I have just 
finished restoring.
This frame set was in a pretty sorry state when
I got it. But after a serious bit of love it is back to 
it's former glory.

RIH Sport were raced by many name riders including 6 Day
star and Directeur sportif of the TI Raleigh team the 
notorious hard man Peter Post.
This is my tribute to him.

Apparently Post only rode RIH Sport frames, regardless
of who he was riding for.

As these decals weren't available, I had the whole set
recreated, (which was a real mission) I am extremely
pleased with the result.
This drilled rear bridge is one of the trade marks of a RIH
built track machine.

A great looking frame from any angle.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Have just finished restoring this
lovely early seventies Masi Pista,
which if I am reading Bob Hoveys excellent 
Masi site correctly, was built by Faliero himself.
I have enjoyed this restoration, it really is 
a beautifully built machine, and it was a honour for
me to do the work on this piece of cycle history.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Here we have a completely original 
Holdsworth Professional Sprint Track bike..
as raced.

 Notice the large pop rivets, which aren't meant to be 
on the Pro frame sets.

Professional Sprint on top tube.

The classic Holdsworth seat wrap with their 
signature hand lining. 

Bike came fitted with
Sugino track cranks
Normandy hubs on Fiamme rims
3TTT seat pin
Concor saddle
3TTT stem
Cinelli bars