Friday, July 13, 2018

Newly finished 1980's Moser

Here is a 1980's Moser that has
just been finished, quite pretty too
if I may say so myself.
It is for sale more photos and information here
 if you might be interested.


1900/1915 Chater Lea for Sale.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Max's lightwight path/communter Holdsworth

Just finished building up this Holdsworth into
a simple light commuter/path bike for a client.
Max's brief was simple, make it stylish and simple.
something to commute the 20km's work occasionally
and some easy weekend path riding.
 We both thought it came up pretty nicely.
I gave it run on my 25km commute home and was
impressed with it's ride, it felt fast and very responsive,
which is unsurprising considering it's racing pedigree.

I am enjoying making the twine wrap at the moment,
with a layer of cloth wrap underneath, they are a lot
more comfortable than they look.
 The red Ofmega hubs are a nice little touch.
Brooks (of course) and my newly made tubular, or in this 
case spare tube and tyre lever carrier.
I will do a little feature on the tubular pouch shortly,
have been trialing an few prototypes, but think I
have got them right now.