Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Comet get's winterized

I have a little office in Napier now, so needed a bike to do the 50km round trip, I started doing it on my Bosomworth, but decided I would rather do it on something older, enter the Comet.
In true 1950's British club style, I have given the Comet a bit of a going over.
I had a nice set of Bluemels Continentals hung up in corner of the garage, they were a little worse for wear, but a couple of evenings with 00 wire wool and Mother's polish got them presentable again.
Getting the clearance right took almost as much time!
Front and rear battery lights.
Karriemore rear bag, FM 4speed Sturmey Archer.

All I need now are some +4's that fit.

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