Sunday, February 26, 2017

Raleigh Panasonic and Protar model Challenge

 OK, here is my new years challenge...
I am going to restore a 1987 Raleigh Panasonic,
and at the same time build a 1:9 scale kit of the 
same bike made by Protar, sounds simple, but 
believe me, it is on.
First up, here is the Raleigh to be restored, tatty but very
original, one of the last nice production race bike's to be made
by Raleigh UK in Nottingham.
Here is what the frame should look like when finished.
And here is the box of the Protar model, the first thing you will
notice of course, is that the bike on the box art is not a 
Team Panasonic, but is infact, a low end Raleigh racer bike
of some sort, it looks like it has steel rims even.
Makes me a little nervous to open the box...
laying on top are the decals and instructions, the decals actually
look pretty good, maybe even very good, I start to feel a little 
better. I notice that the instructions have crosses through a 
number of parts, this is because Protar made several racing 
bicycle models from a 1940's Legnano, 1950's Bianchi up to 
this 1980's Panasonic kit
 All kits use the same sprues, so you only use the parts that 
are for your particular bike.
Anyway...let's look deeper...
The frame, made of metal. 
Nicely cast, and feels substantial.
As you can see, I will have to modify the seat stays, the shot
in stays of the Panasonic are one it's endearing features.
Will have to work on the lugs a  little as well.
The forks, again will need to be modified, the Panasonic's
sloping fork crown is another feature of the bike.

The stem will also need a bit of work, it looks like 
a 1960's TTT, and as we all know any self respecting Team
replica would have to have a Cinelli.
 The bars aren't really right either, but I think I 
will use them as is...can't get to carried away!
not sure I can live with those levers though...

This is the dream finish...stay tuned.