Wednesday, August 19, 2009


An unknown rider at the end of a hard race, love this photo.
I saw some photo's the other day of the Round the Gorges circa 1920's, where the riders were actually riding along the railway tracks, because part of the road had washed out.
These old cash riders were made of tough stuff.

Jones Cycles, with Harry Watson and co.
At some point I think I will have to make a real small run of wool (merino )'Jones Special' jerseys with the side buttons, man they would be cool, but expensive to make I suspect. let me know if you want one, if I get enough interest I will look into it.( for enthusiasts only)

Unknown Butler rider 1920's
Butler was a Christchurch cycle company, whom employed the great Hubert Turtill to build their frames for a time. These 'Turtill' frames are some of the nicest frames I have seen made in New Zealand from this period (1940's-50s)

Gamage team riders, names and date to come.

Bill Pratney wearing a Wizard Cycles jersey,circa 1937.
This machine shows some remarkable lugwork for the period.
Wizard Cycles were a Auckland shop, situated on Ponsonby rd.
Many great North Island riders rode Wizards includind Laurie Byers who started on a Wizard track bike.
photo from "Bill Pratney, Never say die" from the New Zealand Cycling Legends series of books. BUY IT!

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