Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Siobhans birthday ride

Had a nice ride out into the country( well it's all country around here really) with Siobhan on her Birthday this week for a little picnic.
Took the Mercian and loaded the Karrimore bag full of coffee and cake and other assorted treats. We had a great day, although the last half was quite a bit slower, after said coffee and cake.
Siobhan just told me to mention her bike, which you can just see in the background above, it's a 1976 Gitane Tour de France. We were told it was one of 10 that were Taken over to Canada for the Swiss woman's team to train on for the winter Olympics.
If you ever get the chance, come through the Hawkes Bay for a bit of riding pleasure, it really is beautiful around here, with lots of different routes to take you to all the,rivers, beaches a few lakes that are easily reached in a morning ride.

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