Friday, April 1, 2011

Back again! 1930's Chater Lea

Back Again
Here is a nice Chater Lea for you to view

Well it has been a while, but I am back blogging again, got a few new and interesting things things to share with any one
out there who might be interested.
I have had this old Chater Lea thin t
ube for a few years now, but have not featured it yet.

I have been riding it quite bit lately and rememb
ering what a evil handling beast it is.

Even so, I like to get them all out into the sun every now and then and push them along a bit A view from the cockpit.

These are single worst brakes that I have ever experienced, and I have ridden on a few real bad ones!
They nearly finished me, when one of the
brake blocks flipped out at high speed, and of course, just as I was heading into a crowded roundabout in heavy morning traffic!
I had to hang on tight, and just drive through the mess of cars and trucks that was in front of me, and believe me, this don't handle like no track bike, somehow we both made it through i
n one piece.
I felt very 'awake' after that experience I can tell you.
But all that being said, it is actually a pretty nice ride when out on a quite back country road on a sunny day, it is pretty hard to imagine racing on it though.


  1. Great to see you back, Adrian! Crazy old Chater Lea, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with next. Cheers, Oli

  2. Fabulous; what you need of course (and I am sure you know) is the matching Philco front brake..

    I have a similar set up on a 30s Gamage but the wheels are 28x1 3/8 Westwoods so not much to grip on to..squeeze and hang on seem to work. I have contemplated entering the round Lake Rotorua ride on it but think the scrutineers will have a fit. Perhaps a dedicated 30s section..? cheers Sean

  3. gran bella bici la Chater Lea,e soprattutto molto ne ho una molto simile,credo sia degli anni 30.
    se volete contattatemi via mail che vi mando un paio di foto.e' marcata ChaterLea in questi punti : forcellini posteriori,serie di sterzo,calotte movimento centrale ed e' numerata sul telaio zona canotto reggisella.

    ciaooo a tutti e avete un gran bel sito,bravi!!!

  4. Enjoying your work now that I've got my interest in old bikes fired up again. Yes. I found a set of NOS Philco rim polishers upstairs at the old shop, and fitted them to the Jones Special. Buahahahahahab is my considered analysis of their performance. They have since been restored to their rightful place in a box under a bench somewhere.