Sunday, August 30, 2015

Another Mitchell

Yes another Mitchell, what can I say,
well all I can say is that I love these bikes.
 New Zealand's very own 
TI Raleigh/Olmo Competition/Peugeot PY 10.
More about their history here

This one came up from the bottom of the South Island.
It is in very original condition, running a nearly full
Shimano 600 group set.
After a few hours of cleaning and regreasing,
I took it out for it's maiden voyage today. 
The only thing I changed was the brutal straight cut
TT cluster for a more appropriate set, 
no need to hurt myself, especially at my age!
The wheel set was also a pleasant surprise, 
Suntour Superbe, with what I think are Mavic OR & or 10's,
36X36 nice and light.
I found it a real pleasure to ride, once I had got over the
  shock of the Concor saddle, which I initially thought I might
have to turn around and change for something else. 
After 10-15 km's it sort came right with me...
600 group set works well of course, a little clunky, but
then I guess it was seriously affordable,compared with
the Dura Ace/Nuvo Record at the time.