Monday, March 16, 2015

Persuit Japanese road bike

Here is a mystery 1970's (maybe early 80's) Japanese (?)
road bike I have just picked up.
I just couldn't help myself, I mean I definitely don't
need another bike, and certainly not a mid range 70's one...
But there was something about this one that I really liked,
maybe it was the unusual chromed head tube...
...and the super clean brazing on the lugs, that don't
look dissimilar to the ones on my 80's Colnago Mexico.

Or maybe it was that it is made of Tange 2, which is
kind of cool, in it's own sort of way...if you know what
I mean, or maybe you have to be a sad bike geek like me
to get that one?
Than again maybe it was because it had a reasonably 
sweet mixed group set, Suntour Cyclone derailleurs, 
Sugino crank set, with drilled chainrings (always nice), 
SKS black cage pedals, Dia Compe brakes,
with early drilled levers (always nice as well)...

The frame decals hung together pretty good too.
I even like the way it is Persuit, not Pursuit....

The only thing I will change is the wheelset, add some guards
and have myself a respectable winter/wet day ride.

Oh yeh.. it was real cheap too, which I also quite liked!