Sunday, October 20, 2013


Here is a extremely nice late model
Falcon Professional.
It was apparently owned by the
great English Pro rider Sid Barris
(Super Sid), although I have yet to confirm this.

I can't find 
a lot of of information on this later
model Professional.
What I can say is this is really a
 beautifully built frame set,which has obviously
had a lot of time lavished on it's build.

Mid 80's Falcon/Campagnolo/Cinelli Team Jersey, 
I would imagine that this would be
 probably one of the last Falcon team
jersey designs, after a long and distinguished
history in the British Pro scene, which began in 1959.
A Cinelli B/B shell, something you won't find
on to many Falcons, notice the Cinelli logo
on the arm of the Team Jersey.

The Best of British.....
Luckily for me, bikes like these are still
very cheap compared to their Italian

 Falcon Team 1970
 Falcon Team 1973

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