Thursday, October 3, 2013


OK, for all you Mitchell fans, 
here is another installment 
on New Plymouths great
 Mitchell Cycles

First up is my new Mitchell on its
way to a fresh blue paint job, and a general revamp.
 Frame has been stripped, inside tubes have all had a good dose of
fish oil, a coat of etch primer and couple of goings over with spot putty.
tomorrow it will get a coat of general purpose primer.
 Drop outs show almost no signs of wear, I guess
this one didn't see much action in it's day.

Next Mitchell up.
This one is one of what seems to be the ubiquitous Mitchells,
the classic Ishiwata 022 frame set with sun tour drop outs.

 Notice no frame numbers on the B/B, I haven't noticed
any numbers either here or on fork tube or rear drop outs
of any of the Mitchells I have had anything to do with....
Maybe none of the Mitchells had frame numbers?

Last up is Flying blog reader Julian's
 Ishiwata 022 Mitchell.
Julian kindly sent in these photos of 
his machine after reading the last post about
Mitchell, including a short history.

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