Sunday, August 25, 2013


Well I have finally found a Mitchell
that really fits me (just).
 I had to swap a nice late seventies Aussie Hillman
for it, which I think is a very fair exchange.
I have always really dug these Mitchells, and especially
in this Mitchell blue.

 Looking at that frame geometry, you can see that this
machine is designed for just one purpose.
 If I can't track down some original decals, I will re-manufacture some new sets.

Down tube font looks kind of clunky at first, but I found that it grew on me, 
I can see it's seventies/eighties appeal the more I look at it.
I don't know a lot about Mitchells history, this is what I do know.
In 1954, Dave Mitchell started a boutique cycle shop in
 Liardet St, New Plymouth, 
which catered for the racing cyclist.
Kevin Filer brought the business in the late sixties(?), and started making  
Mitchell race bikes in 1972-'73.
The bikes were built in New Plymouth until about 1981/82
 when building was moved to Wanganui
where they were built by former Mitchell apprentice Mark McLean.
Mark went on to buy Mitchell Cycles.
 They were generally made from Isawata 022, Reynolds 531, 
or Columbus SL / SLX.
There is a bit of info on Oli's blog here
Anyone with additional information and/or corrections
to my info, please contact me.
I do know that they where raced by many of 
New Zealand's top road men during the life of
Mitchell road bikes, their popularity probably peaking
in the early eighties.

The classic Stephen Cox (left) on a classic Mitchell
circa 1981
Stephen Carton, Dulux 1982.
Notice a Columbus decal on the seat tube. 

 I have noticed that not many of the Michell frames I have seen
have the Professional sticker on the top tube.

I was told by Kevin that this sticker was put on the bikes that
were built out of the best steel on hand in the workshop
at the time.
Anyway this one is off to get it's paint stripped tomorrow.
next time you see it, you will be amazed at it's classic beauty.


  1. Hi, I have a similar frame that I bought in Napier in the early 80s looking pretty tatty now and would love to restore it, did you manage to track down any decals? Thanks Alan M

  2. Sure, you can contact me at

  3. Contact me at

  4. Hi, Really pleasing to see the continued interest in my Mitchell frames. I was the owner of Mitchell cycles from 1972 through to mid eighties and was the instigator and builder of the Mitchell frame brand. I am just restoring the very first frame I built and also another very early track frame. If anyone is wanting to know the history of the Mitchell frames and bikes or looking for transfers to do a restoration they are welcome to contact me via e-mail:
    Kevin Filer

  5. My family friend owned the factory in Wanganui where the mitchells were made.
    We had 2 Mitchells that were rebadged Mondiales. And 1 was extremely rare as it was a ladies bike.
    I was gutted my dad gave them both away when I was younger as Id LOVE to have them now!