Monday, October 21, 2013


I just picked up this 1964 (I think)
Cinelli Corsa, although it looks pretty
rough, I think it will come up nice with 
a bit of TLC.
There are of course a couple of issues
that need to be sorted before painting,
the main one being an incorrect
R/H rear drop out, which will have to 
be replaced.
 The offending drop out.
Early Record derailleur is a bonus.

Cino Cinelli himself
There is a very good short history of Cinelli
on the Italian Cycling Journal blog
 Classic Cinelli seat cluster
 The flat fork crown, distinguishing this frame
from the Super Corsa
Cino's brother Giotto Cinelli
who actually started the business.
You can see the Cinelli team in 
the photo below circa 1949
have G Cinelli on their jerseys.

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