Sunday, October 13, 2013


Well after getting the Peugeot all 
up and running with Simplex 410
running gear, and being mightily impressed
at its ease of set up and operation.
I had to try out a set of the Simplex
flagship range, Super LJ.
After trawling Ebay for way to long
I finally got a set at a very reasonable price
As you can see,they are really beautifully finished.
Strange that you don't really see this stuff in New Zealand, 
as it was pretty competitively priced at the time.
Eddie following Bernard Thevenet
during the TDF.
Bernard won the Tour in 1977 for
Peugeot, with an all French
group set, including the
Simplex SLJ, although his was
the gold version.

So pretty....

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