Thursday, June 6, 2013


  The McLaren M1c Project
This is an unknown frame I picked up a few years ago,it was set up in late sixties/early seventies English TT trim when I found it. I am pretty sure this was a custom built TT frame as it doesn't have a indent on the bottom rear stay to accommodate a double chain set, as was the English way at the time I believe. 
Anyway I had this idea many moons ago, to build a homage to Bruce Mclaren's beautiful M1 series of racing cars. As I have no idea what this frame is, although I do know it was a purpose built competition bike, I figure this will make the perfect donor frame set.
I will make just two of these up, one for me and one for sale, so let me know if this is a bit of you.
This is one seriously sexy set of wheels. And inspiration for the build.

My mate Max's Holdsworth, which I am finally just getting finished (sorry about the wait pal)
I think he is going to build it up with French style dimpled guards and old Nuvo Record.
Should look real nice, I will post photos when it's all done.

 Another unknown frame set, this one I am building up for the Flying Wheel shop for sale, with Sturmey Archer 3 speed fixed gear on new wooded rims, should be very tasty.
Just about finished this NOS TI Raleigh frame set for Max's son Jim (lucky lad).
I found this frame last year, it had never been ridden, but the paint had got damaged back in the seventies when it was new, so it had been repainted white, and then left in the back room, until I found it.

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