Saturday, June 22, 2013

1920's/30's LEADER SUPERB

Here is a very early Leader, probably 1920's-30's and one of the older New Zealand race bikes in my collection.
I do have a several other frame sets of a similar vintage, but not in such original competition condition as this one.
This is from Clarke's Cycles in Auckland you can view a short write up on their history here.

 Top end BSA double fluted cranks/chainwheel with matching pedals (one missing)
  R/H drop still has one of it's original anti shock hand grips, which where quite popular at the time, and looking at photos of the roads that they raced on then, not surprising.
 Braze on seat tube chain oilier, above off, below on. These where meant to keep chain smooth running on the dusty or muddy unsealed roads of the time. 
The oil is contained in the seat tube, which has been sealed at the B/B, and then just by turning the pipe down, oil will drip onto the chain, insuring your trouble free run to victory....

 Standard star braze on ornaments, common through this period on many race bikes.
 Major Taylor with spcific light bracket fitting.
Narrow 28 inch rims with butted spokes, obviously saving weight has always been high on list for wheelmen. This machine was a well equipped and competitive mount for it's lucky owner at the time.
Nice hand painted name and high lights


  1. If you are still looking for a LEFT BSA pedal, there is one on UK ebay at the moment (11/10/13)

  2. There doesn't seem to be any mention of the 'Leader' cycle works in St James's Road Croydon. They were building bikes from well before WW2 I shpped there in the late 1940's.