Thursday, June 6, 2013


 Some new woods I am going to build into wheel sets for the shop (and a set for myself of course).
 Red anodized GB Courier brake set, so pretty.
 Here are some photos of The Flying Wheel Espresso Bar, it's not quite open yet, although I have been banging out a lot of coffees for friends and helpers.
I have built this at the back of my wives second hand book shop The Little Red Book Shop.

 On one side of the espresso bar I have some of my memorabilia and historic cycle racing collection on display. 
On the other side I have cycle/ motorbike gear and other general things of interest for sale.

 Some of the stuff on display.

  1964 Honda 305 race bike, soon to be resurrected as a dangerous cafe bike.
I am really looking forward to getting down to it on this bad boy.
 Some super 8mm boxing films and signed Geoff Duke photo for sale.

The alloy water bottle collection, ahh be still my hart!
I don't know what it is about these old bidons, but I sure do love them.
 Some bike stuff and cameras for sale.
The band practice/recording/photography room out the back of the shop.


  1. Thanks,it's starting to take shape, and I'm starting to make a pretty mean coffee, if I may say so myself.