Sunday, January 13, 2013


Well it's been awhile again, but you know how it is.
Anyway  I have been working on a couple of paintings that could be of interest to you fellow cycle enthusiasts, the fist titled Anquetil et Merckx for obvious reasons. 
It came out pretty good I think, painted in oils of course.
The image came from the cover of a 1975 International Cycle Sport magazine, although I think the photo was taken in 1968, although I could stand to be corrected.
 Nearly finished, just that complicated bottom half, which I was putting off till the end.
Here is the finished painting, kind of looks like you have pulled up behind them on your (add name of your favorite bike here), and they are wondering just who you are and what are you doing there.
The painting is for sale, and I also do commissions contact me at 


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