Sunday, January 13, 2013


 Here is another painting I am working on, it is a tribute to a local cycle racing legend Richie Thomson. Richie passed away suddenly late last year, which came as a real shock to everybody.

Richie is one of the main reason I got into vintage/classic New Zealand cycle racing history. When I first saw the photos of Rich, usually with Laurie (Huck) Byers in their Legnano jerseys or track suits, sporting rocker type quiffs, I was completely taken aback. I never knew that there was this very cool and stylish looking sport in our sporting heritage. I had only really been aware of cycle racing from the late eighties onward, and lets face it, style hasn't been a strong point for this sport for a long time.
And Richie, well he didn't only look super cool and easy going off the bike, he also looked like Coppi on it, which I don't say lightly.
The photo I am working from is from a stage in the Dulux Six Day Tour in the early 1960's, I will have to find out what stage and year.
I have restored the Legnano which Richie is riding in this photo, I will add photos of it to this post soon.
Here is the painting underway, I am using some photos of Anquetil as colour reference for flesh tones and the St Raphael jersey.
I am pretty sure Anquetil gave Richie this jersey when they meet in New Caledonia in the early sixties.
Getting there, another couple of days and it should be done....

 ......and cut to few days later, and here it is finished.

Remember folks, I will do commissions.

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