Monday, January 14, 2013


After my main squeeze the famous lead sled got totaled in a car on bike confrontation, I have been trying hard to find that one bike that I want to ride the most. I mean I have plenty of bikes, but the lead sled suited me just right.
Well I came across this 1967 Harry Quinn a little while ago, and although I liked the looks of it, It was a bit expensive. Anyway to cut a long story short, I was up in Auckland and meet the owner, and came to a arrangment that suited us both.
The owner had had the frame built by Harry himself, to his own specifications as a TT bike. The frame set is apparently a track set, with road drop outs, which meant he had to use a spacer on the BB when he decided to  convert the bike into a all round road bike, and fit a double chain set.

 Stronglight transfer, a reminder that this frame was originally made as a specific TT bike, when the chain-set of choice was Stronglight cranks and TA chainwheels.

 This is an add for a production TT bike Harry Quinn made in the late sixties, with a cut out BB and Harry's own vertical rear drop outs.
If anyone out there knows where I can buy one of these, or a similar period Holdsworth Kono, let me know.
The Quinn is a really beautiful machine, and seems to fit me hand built English bikes, they are hard to beat!

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