Sunday, January 20, 2013


Here is my '64 Honda 305 (now 360) Super Hawk racing bike, I got it a few months back, not running. 
My intention is to turn it into a dirty 'ol road bike.
Apparently the oil seals where all history after it sitting around parked up for over twenty years, and when the guy I brought it off got it going, it spewed oil all over the place.
Of course as soon as I got it home, I stripped the carbs (Amals), put in some new petrol, and soon had my two boys pushing me up and down the road.  We finally got it going, and as the previous owner had said, oil went everywhere, although I noticed all from the breather on the head.
So I parked it up, and started looking for a rebuild kit for it. Then at work a couple days later it occurred to me that maybe when it had been stored originally, the motor had been filled with oil, to preserve it. As soon as I got home from work that day, I took the bung out and drained over 5 liters of oil from the sump, with just the right amount left still left in.

Well we pushed started it again, and off it went, like a scalded cat...yeah!
Anyway with the open megaphone exhaust howling, I had neighbors looking very worried and giving me some not so neighborly stares after a couple of times around the block!
Now the road bike project starts.....stay tuned.

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