Thursday, March 15, 2012


Above; Hillman showing off its very nice 60's angles.

Below; Jeff Cochrane (front) on the Kaimai Hillclimb during the 1965 Dulux Six Day race, riding the Hillman.

Here is a very nicely made Australian Hillman (Corsa?) brought in 1963-4 by Jeff Cochrane, and raced extensively by him over the next several years.
As you can see it in original paint, but unfortunately rust has worked its evil way under the paint so the whole bike will need to be stripped and repainted, which is a real shame.
Notice that all the lettering is hand painted, I really like this about the Australian bikes, many I have seen have at least some of the motifs hand painted, they also seemed very fond of painting the riders/owners name on the top tube.
Hand painted Hillman Cycles logo.

Above; Very clean lug work


  1. This frame should not be re-enameled. Just leave it as'll outlive us all even in it's present state.

    1. Yes, maybe you are right, I guess they are only original once.