Thursday, March 15, 2012


Above; Siobhan on her 1956 Raleigh Sport, which came complete with Sturmey Archer AM alloy hub ,mmm very nice, Siobhan's a sweetie to.

Here are a few photos of various bike from my collection out on their Sunday rides.
I try and take them all out for a spin when I can,the only ones I don't ride are the bikes with serious historical interest ie; ex Olympic bikes or machines with an extensive race history with a name rider etc.

Legnano I restored a few years ago, it reportedly belonged to the great sixties New Zealand rider Ritchie Thomson.
Behind is Siobhan's 1970s Bertin Mixte

Above; One of my sons Felix out for a spin with Dad on his(was Mums) 1977 Gitane Tour De France, sure looks the bit doesn't he.

Below;Very nice 1930's Claud Butler with Trivalox derailleur
Chater Lea and Siobhan's Raleigh, see some more on this Chater Lea here.
Grumpy old codger, nice jersey though, he should lighten up.
Legnano isn't to bad either.

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