Saturday, March 17, 2012


This is one of my most treasured machines, A 1950's Hubert Turtill Motor Pace bike.
Turtill was a ex pro track rider, who had won just about everything he could in New Zealand, so during 1932 after winning the Australasian Track Title, sought the greener pastures of Australia.
Turtill rode for the Malvern Star team while in Australia, and I believe, as part of his Malvern Star sponsorship worked in the bike factory, where he was taught the fine art of frame construction. During this period he also rode competitively in England,France, Germany and Holland.

Back in New Zealand after the war, Turtill started building race bikes for Butler Cycles in Christchurch and a few under his own name, I not quite sure how this all worked out, but I'm sure someone will fill in the gaps for us.

Turtill Malvern Star trade card

Below; Turtill signature done in brazing wire on the down tube, can't say I have ever seen this on another bike. but it sure is a nice feature.

30 t Inch Pitch chain ring, 60 t on normal pitch, as you can imagine, this bike could boogie, although with no brakes and sitting only inches behind the pacing motor bike, it would only be for the brave, especially with a couple of other combinations circling the track at the same time.

Nice little fish tails are a nice touch.

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