Saturday, March 24, 2012


The Hartley out on it's maiden voyage after complete refurbishment, it rode like a dream,
no wonder I'm smiling.
The Hartley Racer featured earlier in it's as 'found' form, has now been completely dismantled, cleaned, polished, waxed and greased, and as you can see ready for action again, well maybe in a slightly more relaxed action than it was intended for.
I took it out for a little spin this morning, and was really pleased with it's handling and feel, the whole thing felt just right. I guess if I had one gripe it would be the CLB brakes, which don't seem to want to stop the forward motion of bike or passenger at all, although to be fair I haven't fitted new brake blocks, so this could be the main problem. I hope it is, because these CLB brakes are certainly some of the prettiest calipers around.

The one thing I find of regret, is relacing the wheelset with stainless steel spokes, I mean they look nice and shiny and everything, and it's almost impossible not to be tempted to go this way, we all love shiny things after all.
However probably more than half the bikes I have come across in New Zealand from this period originally had galvanized spokes, and in a way I can see now how they would have suited the look of the Hartley more...oh well, next time.

Above; Durax Special Course cranks, Simplex chainrings and spiders.
CLB High-Life calipers, some of my favorites.

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