Friday, November 14, 2014


By pure chance I came across this very
cool late 1930's Saxon Twin tube tandem track bike.
When I first viewed it, it was in a sheep 
shed, covered in dust and bird shit.
 The Saxon, pulled down from the sheep shed, looking a little 
bit unloved.
Anyway, after a little negotiation I managed to buy the
bike from it's owner. The first thing I did was to strip off
all the modern gear that was on it. and give it a wipe down.
I was extremely pleased while cleaning it, to find this
sign writing on the bottom tube.

The Greendale Cycle Club was local Hawkes Bay cycle club 
with a very long racing history.
I will have to do some digging around and see if I can't 
find some more background on the bike, and the club.

 I couldn't help mocking it up to see what it looked like in
battle dress, pretty hearty I think.

 One of the few original components left on it, was this
Chater Lea crank.

 Twin tube looks great, I can see why the light weight
guys search out the road bikes.
 28" woods will really finish the Saxon when it is 
all restored, can't wait to get into this one.
I will have to finish a couple of other bikes first though,
so probably won't be until the new year.