Friday, November 21, 2014


Just got back from taking the Shorter on it's 
second maiden voyage, I guess that's why I have my
happy face on.
Of course I had to change the straight cut TT block that
I had on in the original photos, although I did try it out,
and yes they did cause a high degree of discomfort into
even a moderate headwind, this wasn't helped by the 
Cinelli Unicanitor saddle, which is no Brooks professional.
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Prognosis; Well all I can say is that the men who built
this frame set knew exactly what they where doing, it feels like
it is only meant to go fast, and preferably in a straight line.
It feels quite fragile, unusually light, and very purposeful.
One thing I did notice, is that the drilled brake levers, although,
not actually serving any real purpose in terms of weight saving,
did add a good amount of morale to the ride, just looking
down at them instantly reminds you why you are aboard this
slightly uncomfortable and twitchy machine...  
pedal hard until your legs feel like lead, 
and your lungs are about to burst.
 A view from the cockpit.

So all and all not a Sunday cruiser, that's for sure.
 One to take out after spending the evening reading 
old English cycling magazines,  preferably some 70's ones,
and getting all enthused about the classic Brit TT scene.
Or is that just me....
 On my favorite 40km circuit, with more
reasonable freewheel for a man of my modest abilities.

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