Monday, August 19, 2013


Here is a machine that is very rare in New Zealand.
This is either a Peugeot PX10LE or a PY10
from the late seventies.
These seem to be rare on these shores, I gather,
because there didn't appear to (obviously) be any one
importing Peugeot's into NZ until the very late seventies.

Notice the French specific Reynolds decal...nice

 Simple, but I think beautifully understated fork crown.
 I had been after this frame for a few years, so was 
really pleased when it's owner phoned me a while back
to say he would sell it to me.
It's really is on the out side of my size range,
but I will make it work ( I hope).

 One of the reasons, I suspect it is a PX10LE or a PY10
is the relatively short wheel base.
Although I could well stand to be corrected.

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