Sunday, August 18, 2013


When I heard that David, one of my sons friends,
had crashed his bike, and needed another frame for his school
racing the next weekend.
I had a look through the garage and found a unknown
frame ( although it looks suspiciously like a Bauer, oh well)
 that was given to me a while back, with a very
ugly splash paint job on it.

Davids crashed Bauer, ouch!

So I offered it to David, on the understanding that
he prepare the frame, and I would paint and assemble
it for him, which he was very happy to do.
I  happened to have some nice orange paint 
at hand, that I had just had mixed for the McLaren project.

To cut a pretty short story even shorter,
I painted the bike in record time (for me).
Not the mintiest job, but looks good enough
 from a couple of feet. 
But most importantly he is racing again
this coming weekend. 

I should have it back together this week, and will 
post some photos when done.
I hear he does pretty well on these steel bikes
against all the other boys, mostly on late
model alloy, and some carbon bikes.
Will definitely have to get some photos of that.