Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1951 Frejus Paris Roubaix

Frejus model 'Campionissimo'
I have just picked up this beautiful Paris Roubaix equipped Frejus, which I had been hoping to acquire for the last few years.
The original owner, who still rides, has finally succumbed to the modern carbon fiber machines. So in a deal with his wife sold his three steel bikes, and brought himself a very nice modern ride.
As you can see he has kept the bike in great operating order, though modernizing it when he saw fit. The only original parts are the derailleur, Frejus brakes and frame set, although I was very happy when he pulled out of a box the original Durax Type Competition crank set, still in great condition.
I have been really enjoying riding it round, and found changing gear no problem.
The bike handles and steers extremely well,very nicely balanced and is a real pleasure to ride.
I will restore it completely, after I have finished the Paris Roubaix I am working on at the moment. I will probably sell one of them then.

Owner chromed head badge in the 1950's, kind of nice really.

Frejus branded Barillia brakes, not to effective, but they do stop you eventually.

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