Sunday, April 17, 2011


1940's Mercury brought back from the grave
I was given this commission a little while back, a family asked if I could restore their Grandmothers bike, which she had owned since the mid 1940's.
Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of the bike in the depleted state that it was delivered to me, although the photo below of its wheels and guards might give some idea to it's condition.
The only thing I could salvage was the frame and forks, every other component was only good for scrap.The bike came up pretty well, and on its way back to grandma (now in her 90s) as a center piece for a family reunion.

This is how the project turned up at my place, a rusty heap.

I was pretty happy with the (nearly) finished bike, just wish I could have found some balloon tyres, this would have really finished the 'look'.

I also want to give a big shout out to the guys at The Hub Cycle Centre, the best cycle shop in the Hawkes bay, all serious roadies.
Run by former Olympic trackie and Dulux tour rider Rob Oliver, who built the wheels for this bike and few others on this blog, and also straightened a few of my wheel building efforts, and without laughing too.
And as we all know a pretty set of wheels maketh the bike!

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