Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Some more Paris Roubaix

Some Paris Roubaix Love
This is my main project at the moment, a absolutely stunning 1952 Cycles CNC.
This machine was made for New Zealand track rider Colin Dickinson in 1952, by CNC in Paris, Colin had made a detour to Paris on his way home from competing for New Zealand on the track, in the '54 Olympic games held that year in Helsinki.
The bike did not see a lot of use back here in New Zealand, and is quite unusual in having a double chainset, in this case a very nice steel cotterless Gunutti item.
I had a friend make me the special crank extractor in the photo above, which has to be used with extreme care as there is only about three three threads to hold it into place.

Frame is very nicely made, unlike many French bike's that we are told about.
Although that being said, all the French bikes I have seen from the 1950's seem nicely built.

Box'o'Italian (and a bit of French) love

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  1. Is that a campagnolo corsa in the box??