Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Roy Thame TT with O.M.A.S.

I have been obsessively  collecting after market 
component lightening items from O.M.A.S and
Cobra over the past couple of years, with the
view of building the mythical period TT bike
you might have built in the late seventies had you
the money and inclination.
This after market lightening gear was horrifically
expensive at the time, hence it's rarity today. 
Part of the O.M.A.S and Cobra collection.
Of course the big problem was finding the right frame set
to fit this gear to, it had to be something special, and
preferably a purpose built English TT bike...
When I saw a late seventies Roy Thame TT in my
size, well I knew the search was over.
I will expand on the Thame history when I have finished 
the build, for now let's look at the crazy set of parts that
will go into making up this straight line 
dragster seventies TT replica.
Roy Thames after refurbishment, including a decal
set I had made, I have to say I am really pleased with the 
colour, which I mixed from some leftovers.
 OMAS alloy head set
Cobra alloy chainring bolts
Cobra allot bottom bracket bolts

Full OMAS alloy replacment set for Campagnolo
Super Record seat pin.
 Full OMAS alloy kit for Campagnolo Nuvo Record
Regina Extra Superleggera hollow pin chain
Regina Alloy Superleggera Extra America Freewheel 
 CLB Professional brake set, one of the nicest and 
lightest on the market at the time.
Now all I have to find is a lightweight stop watch....

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