Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Raul Mesa Columbian road bike.

A couple of days ago a chap walked into
the Bookshop and asked if I buy bikes..
sometimes, I answered, what have you got?
Dunno, he replied, they are on the back of
the car, come and have a look.
Both bikes were covered in years of dust 
and grime, so difficult to assess.
 However I sort of liked the look of one of the bikes.
 and I could just make out the name Raul Mesa 
on the down tube which I had never heard of, 
and as I love a bit of bike detective work I 
couldn't resist.
Raul Mesa early in his career steering the Freskola team
It turns out the Raul Mesa is the name of one of Columbia's
greatest Directeur sportif, who, after a brief career in the 
saddle found his gift for leading cycling teams 
and guided both the Cafe De Colombia and later the 
Manzana Postobón teams
to considerable success during the 1980's-90's.
Mesa with the Postobon squad.
It also turns out Raul has his own bike shop, and built bikes
under his own name and maybe at some point for the
RDM team.
All the information I have here is from the incredible
Alps and Andes Colombian cycling blog.
Here is the Raul Mesa after several hours of cleaning and
A very nicely built frameset,with a almost full 
Shimano 600 RD-6207 EX group set, which dates the frame 
from around 1984-'86ish.
I am not sure what it is made of, but with the Columbus 
drop outs, and weight, probably Columbus SL.
Quite an unusual fork crown, not a profile I have seen before.
The seat stay caps also have a subtle difference of their own.
All in all a very nice machine,with a good back story
 and equipped with one of the nicest 600 group sets 
Shimano ever made in my opinion.
I will take it out for a couple of rides 
then pass it on and get back to my current vintage
English TT obsession
 Raul Mesa still active in Colombian cycling.



  1. Looking at the Raul Mesa of yesteryear compared with the "rolling billboard" of what he currently rides and I am sorry to say that there is simply no comparison. The life and soul are incredibly devoid in his mass-produced Trek while grace, style and fine craftsmanship that only a lifetime of practice can achieve seems to ooze from every stately nook of the 84-86 Raul. I'm not knocking him, personally, but seeing the two images so close together simply hit as such a stark dichotomy of examples that I felt I had to put something down.

    Regardless, I do hope you enjoy the limited rides rides you plan to take on the understated beauty of your Raul Mesa before you find another home for it. If you were closer to Portland, Oregon, I would be inquiring myself!

    1. Yeh I'm not much of a fan of most Carbon billboards either.