Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Reg Harris T-shirt
I am a screen printer by trade, and although I don't have a screen printing business any longer, I really dig printing and making new designs.

I started printing when I was a young punk in the early 1980's and you couldn't buy punk t-shirts so i started making my own and have been screen printing in some form or another ever since.

Well of course I had to turn my hand to making some other t-shirts you can't get! that being cool cycle racing t-shirt's, I am not sure if I will make these for sale yet, I really just wanted one for myself, but I guess if I get enough interest for them I will.

As you can see I used the illustration from an original Raleigh poster for this shirt, I can tell you there was many hours spent retracing it, but it came up very nice.
I have done a couple of others which I will post up at some point.