Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wolves of the road

Starters page,every year all starters are listed, this way all riders who rode the Tour will get their name in the book, even if they don't get into the main text.
This page will also include results of top eight places and top three King of the Mountains riders.
Bio page, all Tour winners will get a short biography of their cycle racing careers. If they win twice I get to choose another of our great riders who maybe didn't win or didn't ride the Tour, and do a bio on them.

I have got a couple in riders mind already, any ideas on who you think would deserve their own bio?
There will be section's on the important road bikes used in New Zealand. In this section shown on Legnano, the road bike featured was Ritchie Thompson's ( Dulux 2nd three times, 3rd twice, New Zealand's Poulidor? )
I restored this one from a bit of a wreck, it was given to me by Neil Robinson (cheers Robbie).
The track bike was loaned by Ron Cheatly (cheers Ron)
Ritchie Thompson riding the Dulux day tour on a Legnano

The bike sections will have the manufactures histories along with their connection to the New Zealand scene.
I will feature Claud Butler, Frejus, Holdsworth,Bertin,TI Raleigh, RIH, Colanago, and of course a few New Zealand builders, I am hoping to use as many bikes that were actually used on the Tour as possible, so let me know if you know where any are.

I am really looking forward to restoring the bikes ( if they need it) when I find them, and then writing/photographing these sections.

So anyone with any relevant information on the race, riders,photos or bikes from this period etc please don't hesitate to contact me.
And especially any riders/photos/bikes from the 1953-1957 Wisemans era.

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