Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Raleigh TI track bike

Somethings have gotta go
I had to sell this Raleigh track bike frame Sniffle..sniffle... set so thought I would post some photo's before it went.
Here they are, such a sweet looking machine.
Raleigh really got this one right.


  1. Yo.

    how you doin.
    Im tata, i was seein how much you were tryin to sell your bicycle for?
    i have the same one in a way but its road frame, and i've been intresed in a track frame.

    so yea.

  2. hello there, its me tata again, also on my Raleigh conversion, its says Team Raleigh on it like the one above, but on the lower part of the frame where it says Raleigh, mine says Record,and people tell me that its a pretty rare bike, and i jus wanted to know more about it, if you have any information possibly.

    thank you.