Sunday, June 3, 2018

A Ephgrave and a Carlton refinished

As usual I haven't been keeping a very good
record of all the frame sets i refinish and
bikes I restore...but here are a couple I  have 
just finished.

First up is a absolutely beautiful Ephgrave No 1.
I have worked on and/restored a LOT of vintage
racing frames and bikes over the years, so I will say that
without doubt this Ephgrave frame set is one of the 
best finished and most beautiful frames I have 
had the pleasure to work on.

Here are some photos of the frame set after 
hand stripping.
You can plainly see the immaculate brazing and 
finishing, you can see a lot of love 
has gone into the building this frame.

I really wanted to pay a personal homage to Les Ephgrave 
when refinishing this frame set, I wanted to give it a paint
job that I thought Les would have been happy to see.
I mixed all the colours myself, and have to say
I am quite pleased with the result, the gold lining gives
it all a subtle finish and tied the colours together nicely.
As you might have noticed the Ephgrave head decal
was a bit to big for the spear point lugs, 
so I cut it down a touch, which was pretty common 
practice on frames with these type of lugs.

 I thought the contrasting brake bridge was a pretty 
nice little touch.

There was not one part of this bike I didn't like, 
it was perfect from one  end to the other, 
unfortunately it was to small for me, 
so it has now gone to a new owner in Japan, 
so although I am a bit sad to see it go,
I am really happy to have had the opportunity to work 
on frame built by one of the great frame builders..
Les Ephgrave.

Carlton Flyer.
Here is a Carlton Flyer that I probably spent
too much time on..but what the hell...

They are a bit under regarded and unloved these Carlton Flyers
so I thought I would show a bit of love to this one.


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