Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Restore or not that is the question...Cinelli SC Pista

So I just picked up this Cinelli SC Pista,
probably early 1960's, it came with most of 
what you see, but looking very worse for wear
when it arrived.
I had brought it intending to fully restore it and then
sell it on to fund new projects, and of course I
just like working on Cinelli's so I didn't need
much encouragement to take this one on. 
However when I unpacked it and got it on my 
work stand I quickly realized that this wasn't quite
the basket case that I had been expecting.
I brought out my gentlest cutting compound and
very carefully worked the top tube, sure enough under
the oxidized paint there was plenty of life, the chrome
too responded to a bit of love.
 So now I was faced with the question of wether to strip 
the frame and have it rechromed and then give it a nice
new paint job, I know I can easily sell a fully restored  
SC Pista, which is what I had brought the bike for, or
leave it in it's original patina.
The big problem is that most of the buying cycle
market like shiny restored or very mint
original examples of their favorites.
I phoned my chrome plater to arrange a full rechrome,
got back to my workstand looked again at the bike and 
realized I couldn't be the one to have the original Cinelli
paint and decals stripped off this survivor.
So I phoned Custom Chrome back and cancelled the job,
not that they would worry, they have three of my frames in
their workshop already.
No they are only original once, this frame is super straight
the rust on some of the chrome is only superficial, so
I spent the next two days stripping the bike down
gently cleaning and polishing the entire bike, it came
up even better than I hoped.

I wrapped the bars in cloth tape finished in twine
then painted with shallac.
The bike came with the very rare Cinelli head set, and
a nice badged steel stem.

 Sweet MK1 Brooks professional.

I mean seriously how could you strip off these original
Cinelli and Columbus decals? 

Too bad it is a 60cm frame or I most definitely 
 would have kept this one.

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