Monday, April 30, 2018

Sometimes you get lucky...

So I have been (very) slowly assembling
the parts for finishing my 1984
Colnago Mexico that had been period
modified into a specialist TT bike.
As I am sure most of you will know panto
parts for Colnago's are not cheap, so I
have been biding my time and picking 
up the odd part here and there for the right cheap.
One of the parts I just picked up was this
Campagnolo seat pin with Colnago logo
pantographed slightly off centre, which I
thought was quite funny.
It turns up looking pretty rough, which
was fine as that was it looked like 
in the photo's. 
As soon as I started disassembling the seat pin, I 
quickly realized that I has also brought a complete 
aftermarket Cobra alloy lightening kit for the 
Campag seat pin.
As I am a total obbsesive for these period aftermarket
lightening parts, you can imagine how pleased I was.
 Full Cobra lightening kit.
 Slightly offset Colnago panto
 Here is the pin after sanding with 600/800 then 1200
wet and dry sandpaper, then finished with a good polish 

 Maybe Italian colours in the groves?



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